HPO Group is a consulting, training and publishing firm specialized in delivering leadership and management development solutions for multi-national, private and state-owned enterprise organizations in Greater China.    

HPO Group is founded in Taipei, Taiwan in 1973, and has consultants and development professionals serving organizations in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.  

For over 46 years, we have established affiliations with notable training development companies such as Ken Blanchard, Miller Heiman Group, Fierce Inc., Eagle’s Flight, Vital Learning, Simdustry, and many others. By bridging our extensive clientele with world-class development methodologies, we design tailored made talent solutions for Fortune 500 companies based on an unparallel knowledge of organizations operating in the Greater China market.

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  • Experience comes with age

    Harvard Management Services Inc. was founded in 1973 amidst the world’s first energy crisis. Despite the challenging business environment, the company thrived by providing management expertise in helping enterprises navigate through market changes and staying ahead. The company is one of the first management training and consulting companies in the region, with half a century of experience advising in the Greater China Region. 

  • Established Management Magazine

    In 1975, "Management Magazine" began publication, the first business and leadership digest of its kind. The publication was widely subscribed by industry executives and leaders in Taiwan and the Chinese speaking market. Starting in 1986, Management Magazine has conducted an annual Best Brands Survey to this day. 

    Catering to marketing executives, the company established "Marketing Monthly" and changed its name to "Breakthrough Magazine" in 1985.

  • Secured First International Partnership for Training Development

    In 1990, Ken Blanchard signed a formal contract with Harvard Management Services, successfully launching the SLII Leadership Series workshop. The partnership alliance continues to this date, serving clients for over 30 years. 

  • Secured Second and Third International Partnership for Training Development

    In 1992, building on its initial success in bringing world-leading training programs to Greater China, the company forged two new partnerships with Persona and Vital Learning to enhance communication and management skillset of employees across different levels of an organization. 

  • First entry into Mainland China

    In 1996, the company entered Mainland China to provide cutting edge insight and professional advisory to thriving Chinese enterprises. Based on its international partners, the company generated recognition for its ability to improve enterprises’ business performance and develop capable management talents through simple, flexible and comprehensive talent training systems.

  • Established ChinaMgt.com, the first Chinese language management portal

    Established ChinaMgt.com, a Chinese business management portal that integrated the company’s decades of accumulated insights and publications. ChinaMgt.com continues to form the bedrock of our corporate knowledge service platform until this day.

  • HPO Established in Shanghai

    In 2002, HPO Inc. is established in Shanghai as the company began to expand and provide consulting and training services to enterprises in various industries in mainland China. Client engagements integrate consulting, training and coaching to help enterprises realize their potential and drive performance. 

  • Secure Partnership with Eagle's Flight

    In 2005, building on its success in the Chinese market, HPO became the exclusive partner for Canada's Eagle's Flight, the world’s leading experiential learning company aimed at changing behaviors and mindset. Eagle’s Flight’s interactive learning approach has been widely received by companies across the world, including renowned programs such as Gold of the Desert King®, Council of the Marble Star®, Promises! Promises! ® and many others. HPO is the only authorized provider of these programs in the Greater China Region. 

  • Established HPO Beijing

    In 2007, HPO established its Beijing practice, dedicated to serving enterprises in North China with a particular focus on State-Owned Enterprises and Private Companies in the Internet and Technology Sector. 

  • Established HPO Tianjin

    Building on its rapid success in Beijing, HPO established a Tianjin branch office in 2009 to provide professional training services to the burgeoning Bohai development area centered around the City of Tianjin. 

  • Secured Partnership with Miller Heiman Group - Internationally Renowned Sales Performance Company

    In 2010, HPO became the leading training provider for Miller Heiman Group's sales and service methodologies in Greater China. Miller Heiman’s internationally renowned sales training system provides systematic sales strategy and tactics for B2B companies. Its methodologies are backed by decades of vigorous development and market validation. 

  • A New Approach to Leadership

    HPO continues to build partnerships with leading training institutions around the world. After partnering with Wiley Publishing to distribute The Leadership Challenge in 2010, HPO struck another partnership agreement to become the exclusive licensed distributor of Fierce Inc., founded by Susan Scott – the renowned best selling author and esteemed executive coach in the United States. Fierce is a global company dedicated to assisting organizations and cultivating leadership and management personnel with customer in both the public and private sector.

  • Continued Expansion in Partnerships

    In 2016, HPO began distributing the AchieveForum management training system to assist enterprises improve their leadership talent pool. AchieveForum becomes HPO’s tenth global training partner, further expanding HPO’s portfolio of client offerings in the Greater China Region and establishing the company’s premium position in the training industry in China. 

  • Industry Accolades and Awards

    Most popular brand organization of 2014-2015 in the training industry

    • Excellent brand course of 2014-2015 in the training industry

    • Most authoritative consulting and training institution of 2016 in China's training industry

    • China's top 10 personal development training institutions of 2017

    • TOP 125 of American training magazine of 2017

    • China's top 10 personal development training institutions of 2018

    • China's top 10 personal development training institutions of 2019


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